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rosa pereira Naam: rosa pereira
Leeftijd: PORTO
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First i want thank you for what you are teaching me.i would like insert mywish and share with world but i don't find it.as i am here i would like to share with you my wish , why not?this way youwill be the first to know about my dream..i am an artist and i want to do international symposyums of art aroundworld, this way i could leave and work only with art, my world of art....the world where i belong
Naam: Gerda Maria
Datum: 10 september, 13u28
Reactie: Dear Rosa

Thanks for your Charming Smile.
That's the best sign you can give to the World and to the Universe.

A Smile opens every energy way to y-our wis-h-dom. (this is an intuitive statement wich I will place on my website... so thanks for bringing this instant inspiration)

May all your wishes come true.

Lots of Love and Big Smile

Gerda Maria Hendrickx


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